Farm Insurance Ogden UtahWorking your own land does require you to be aware of your insurance needs. Whether you have a large farm, or a small one, you need to protect your crops and livestock. Selecting the right farm insurance policy is the right step toward keeping your property and assets safe. Mountain Ridge Insurance Group provides farm insurance to meet your unique needs.

Types of Farm Insurance

Insurance for your farm or ranch is designed to protect the following:

  • Protection for your home
  • Protection for personal farm property
  • Protection for buildings on the farm
  • Liability protection

Essentially, farm insurance is similar to homeowner’s insurance, as it covers your household and personal property. Not only will it cover your personal belongings, it can also offer coverage for farm machinery, livestock, tools, and grain. You can customize your farm insurance to your needs.

Farming for Profit

If you are farming for a profit versus farming for a hobby, you will need to look into a different policy. Hobby farming has its own policy you can review if you aren’t selling your food at farmer’s markets or to local stores.

If you do have a farm you work for profit, you will need a farm owner’s insurance policy. This coverage is designed to include all the main property needs like liability coverage and property coverage. Contact Mountain Ridge Insurance about your farm and we can compare farm insurance options that will protect your property and assets. 801.820.6402